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A short history of the place

"Toppenbue" is originally an old boathouse, now reconstructed into a cosy holiday home for tourists. The house was from the beginning used for storing boats and fishing gear during the rich herring fisheries on the turn of the 18th century. The building was later moved to the main island of Vega and from 1916 to 1932 it served as a country store. Later on it was again used as a boathouse. Even today, after the reconstruction, one part of the building still houses various fishing gear belonging to the owner.

The interior of the house

The ground floor contains a little, but fully equipped kitchen, a living room and a bathroom with shower. If necessary the sofas in the living room can be used as sleeping accomodations for two. The two bedrooms on the first floor have beds for 5 persons. The hosts have stressed preserving the originality of the place. Old photos, embroidery and other knickknacks give the place its unique atmosphere. [ images ]


The municipality og Vega is a kingdom of islands. The expressboat "Thorolv Kveldulvssøn" brings you from Vega to the town of Sandnessjøen and back. Along the route the boat calls in at the most important islands and you will see the beauty of the coast of Southern Helgeland and understand the importance of regular expressboats to the inhabitants of this coastal area. Instead of going back to Vega on board the same boat you can make a round trip using the Coastal Express to Brønnøysund and another expressboat from this town to Vega.
Next to "Toppenbue" is a museum dedicated to the eider duck. By looking at photos and exhibitions visitors will learn about the importance of this particular bird to the people along the coast in the old days. Eiderdown was picked from the birds' nests, cleaned from seaweed and sold at a fairly good price. The extra money meant a lot to poor fishermen's families.

Close to "Toppenbue" is also a small café open during the summer season.
If you like to walk in the mountains or just prefer having an outing in the beautiful landscape of the island, there are several marked tracks. You can find them on this map. Some other activities are: angling, hunting, seafishing, swimming (the best beaches are along the southern part of the island), cycling, canoeing and bird watching. More information is available on the web site of the municipality:


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Mobil: 472 66 119
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